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This map features transit service effective from March 26, 2016.

Free maps will be available courtesy of the Seattle Department of Transportation and Sound Transit.

The map and a poster of it is now available for purchase. Click “Get the Map” for more information.


  • Web app now supports toggling between the September and March service networks.
  • The geolocation feature on the app is now restricted to the coverage area of the map.
  • The app now prevents you from panning and zooming out of bounds.
  • Checked, updated and corrected summaries for nearly all peak-only routes to post-March 26 service levels per Metro Trip Planner and U Link Connections documents. Most one-way peak routes have been revised to directional trip counts instead of frequencies.
  • Removed Rt 542 from peak-only list as it’s already in all-day list.
  • Corrected Rt 70 peak frequency from 7.5-10 to 10 min.
  • Corrected Rt 75 peak frequency from 10-15 to 10 min.
  • Grouped and showed combined frequency for Rts 24 and 33.
  • Deleted the word “Commuter” from Peak-only category
  • Added DSTT symbol to legend and route/diagram box. This should help make the DSTT box that’s floating in Elliott Bay more noticeable.
  • On map cover, extended blue line down to green area and terminated it with the trolley bus symbol.
  • Expanded title block on print edition to include: effective date of service (March 26, 2016); warranty clause; proxy for FSC-certification mark; slightly larger recycling info
  • Create separate title block for web edition omitting sponsorship and print-specific information.
  • Correct terminal label of Rt 77 near Sand Point.
  • On Regional map, correct category of CT routes 115 and 116.
  • Remove “flag stops” wording from Night Owl map header.
  • Refining downtown bus stop maps
    • Add major regional Rts 512, 554, 594
    • Change stop markers to semi-circles
    • Add King St Station entrances
    • Make 3rd Ave more prominent
  • Night Owl map
    • Checked downtown stops
    • Add info about Metro’s Night Stop program in place of flag stops
  • Tidy up peak-only routes in city center on City map
  • Downtown map
    • Update symbology of RapidRide stops and lines
    • Add DSTT symbol to route list


Corrections will be noted here if found.

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Download the PDF for offline viewing.

This version is available in the web map/app. Until March 26, switch to the map using the button in the upper right corner. View map or back side separately.


This is the third and final draft of the map that includes the March 26 service changes.

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This version is only available as a PDF as the service depicted is not yet in effect.


This is the second draft of the map that includes the March 26 service changes.


  • Replaced confusing diagram of 3rd Ave stops with multiple maps of 3rd Ave stops.
  • Add Rider Alert info to “Apps” section
  • Darken background color to improve visibility of white cross street lines.
  • Reformatted legend to include express lines and part-time service badges.
  • Add new combined day frequency for regular lines combining for frequent service.
  • Map will be printed on process chlorine free, acid free, 30% post-consumer waste paper. Recycle mark added.
  • Standardize use of express lines and restrict use of ‘x’ suffix to express variants of local lines.
  • Separated express commuter lines from commuter lines making local stops.
  • Revised style of RapidRide lines to improve color-blind friendliness and distinguish from other express lines.
  • Moved and resized Arbor Heights inset to not imply ferries go there.
  • In downtown inset, add Public Health Center landmark.
  • Add Route 555 to Service Guide.
  • Change Route 542 to regular route.
  • Deleted “through route” section on backside in favor of on-map notation.
  • Night Owl map revisions to match March service change.
  • Regional map revision to add Sounder/Amtrak lines and airport symbol. Some restyling of text.
  • Recategorized DART service as regular service.
  • Fixed line transitions between map and inset areas.
  • Revised several neighborhood labels.
  • Made C Line continuous between viaduct and 3rd Ave to reinforce new SLU connection.
  • Revised depiction of freeway service to show actual service by line type.
  • Standardized freeway route lists to two kinds (surface and bridge).
  • Corrected transit couplet in Georgetown.
  • Corrected Route 38 frequency to 15 minutes.
  • Changed color of flexible pick-up zone to something more distinct.
  • Removed car from ferry icon.
  • Bolded park labels to improve legibility.
  • Numerous minor corrections and additions.

To Do

  • Design new cover art.
  • Ensure sufficient clear space near edge of map for trimming

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This version is only available as a PDF as the service depicted is not yet in effect.