Seattle’s Night Owl Buses

After most transit service ends around midnight and 1 am, Night Owl buses provide essential service between 1 and 5 am nightly.

Overview of Night Owl services

Diagram of Seattle's Night Owl Services

¤ indicates suburban route not shown on city map.

All Night routes

These routes operate approximately hourly overnight to provide 24-hour service.

  • 3 - Central District, Downtown Seattle
  • 7 - Rainier Beach, Downtown Seattle
  • 36 - Othello, Beacon Hill, Downtown Seattle
  • 44 - UW Medical Center, Wallingford, Ballard
  • 48 - Mount Baker, Central District, U District
  • 49 - U District, Capitol Hill, Downtown Seattle
  • 70 - U District, Eastlake, Downtown Seattle
  • A Line ¤ - Tukwila Intl Blvd Station, Federal Way
  • C Line - Westwood Village, West Seattle, Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union
  • D Line - Crown Hill, Ballard, Downtown Seattle
  • E Line - Shoreline, Green Lake, Downtown Seattle
  • H Line (Saturday-Sunday only) - Burien, Westwood Village, Delridge, Downtown Seattle

Late Night routes

These routes operate extra service until 2-3 am with a two-hour gap overnight.

  • 40 - Northgate, Ballard, Downtown Seattle
  • 65 - Jackson Park, Lake City, Wedgwood, U District
  • 67 - Northgate, Roosevelt, U District
  • 124 - Sea-Tac Airport, Georgetown, Downtown Seattle
  • 160 ¤ - Kent, Auburn
  • 161 ¤ - Kent, Sea-Tac Airport, Burien
  • 574 ¤ (Northbound only) - Lakewood, Tacoma, Federal Way, Sea-Tac Airport
  • H Line (Monday-Friday only) - Burien, Westwood Village, Delridge, Downtown Seattle

Night Stop Service for Safety and Convenience

Between 8 pm and 5 am, you may request the driver to exit the bus at any point along the route, even if it is not a bus stop. Ask your driver at least a block before your stop. The driver will decide whether your stop can be made safely. Drivers can only pick you up at bus stops.

Learn more at King County Metro’s website.

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