The main focus of this release is to polish the overall look and feel of the map. This is the last version of the map that reflects service that became effective in September 2015.


  • change Link Red Line to Link Light Rail as that designation is not yet in use and update opening date to March 19.
  • further clarified RapidRide payment
  • Add peak-only Rt 201 in Mercer Island.
  • revised neighborhood labels based on City Clerk’s atlas and Urban Villages
  • reserve space for FSC/recycled paper logo
  • reserve space for possible print sponsors in addition to SDOT
  • increase contrast of county lines on Regional Map
  • flush text in Special Services section to the left
  • add TTY telephone numbers for agency customer service
  • add express stops and line to commuter routes

Items to Consider & Do for Next Version

  • ensure sufficient clear space near edge of map for trimming
  • Replace downtown commuter service table with map
  • darken background color to improve visibility of white cross street lines (dependent on printer results)
  • Show more downtown bus stops and/or explain downtown skip stop system.
  • Reformulate colors for improved low-light contrast and color-blind friendliness.
  • Improve traceability of freeway routes.
  • Add an FAQ section to the website to explain design decisions.

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