This map features transit service effective from March 26, 2016.

Free maps will be available courtesy of the Seattle Department of Transportation and Sound Transit.

The map and a poster of it is now available for purchase. Click “Get the Map” for more information.


  • Web app now supports toggling between the September and March service networks.
  • The geolocation feature on the app is now restricted to the coverage area of the map.
  • The app now prevents you from panning and zooming out of bounds.
  • Checked, updated and corrected summaries for nearly all peak-only routes to post-March 26 service levels per Metro Trip Planner and U Link Connections documents. Most one-way peak routes have been revised to directional trip counts instead of frequencies.
  • Removed Rt 542 from peak-only list as it’s already in all-day list.
  • Corrected Rt 70 peak frequency from 7.5-10 to 10 min.
  • Corrected Rt 75 peak frequency from 10-15 to 10 min.
  • Grouped and showed combined frequency for Rts 24 and 33.
  • Deleted the word “Commuter” from Peak-only category
  • Added DSTT symbol to legend and route/diagram box. This should help make the DSTT box that’s floating in Elliott Bay more noticeable.
  • On map cover, extended blue line down to green area and terminated it with the trolley bus symbol.
  • Expanded title block on print edition to include: effective date of service (March 26, 2016); warranty clause; proxy for FSC-certification mark; slightly larger recycling info
  • Create separate title block for web edition omitting sponsorship and print-specific information.
  • Correct terminal label of Rt 77 near Sand Point.
  • On Regional map, correct category of CT routes 115 and 116.
  • Remove “flag stops” wording from Night Owl map header.
  • Refining downtown bus stop maps
    • Add major regional Rts 512, 554, 594
    • Change stop markers to semi-circles
    • Add King St Station entrances
    • Make 3rd Ave more prominent
  • Night Owl map
    • Checked downtown stops
    • Add info about Metro’s Night Stop program in place of flag stops
  • Tidy up peak-only routes in city center on City map
  • Downtown map
    • Update symbology of RapidRide stops and lines
    • Add DSTT symbol to route list


Corrections will be noted here if found.

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