This is the first draft of the map that includes the March 26 service changes.

Changes (non-service related)

  • Replaced downtown commuter service table with diagram of 3rd Ave stops.
  • Restructured and revised text in How to Ride section.
  • Revised styling of Downtown and U District maps. Increased street label size and darkened background.

To Do

  • Draw new cover art.
  • Further revise How to Ride section to add rider alert info. Consider more pictograms.
  • Replace Fares photo with photo/graphic showing farebox/ORCA reader/TVM.
  • Reformat legend.
  • Ensure sufficient clear space near edge of map for trimming
  • Darken background color to improve visibility of white cross street lines (dependent on printer results)
  • Reformulate colors for improved low-light contrast and color-blind friendliness.
  • Add an FAQ section to the website to explain design decisions.

Get It

This version is only available as a PDF as the service depicted is not yet in effect.

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