This is the second draft of the map that includes the March 26 service changes.


  • Replaced confusing diagram of 3rd Ave stops with multiple maps of 3rd Ave stops.
  • Add Rider Alert info to “Apps” section
  • Darken background color to improve visibility of white cross street lines.
  • Reformatted legend to include express lines and part-time service badges.
  • Add new combined day frequency for regular lines combining for frequent service.
  • Map will be printed on process chlorine free, acid free, 30% post-consumer waste paper. Recycle mark added.
  • Standardize use of express lines and restrict use of ‘x’ suffix to express variants of local lines.
  • Separated express commuter lines from commuter lines making local stops.
  • Revised style of RapidRide lines to improve color-blind friendliness and distinguish from other express lines.
  • Moved and resized Arbor Heights inset to not imply ferries go there.
  • In downtown inset, add Public Health Center landmark.
  • Add Route 555 to Service Guide.
  • Change Route 542 to regular route.
  • Deleted “through route” section on backside in favor of on-map notation.
  • Night Owl map revisions to match March service change.
  • Regional map revision to add Sounder/Amtrak lines and airport symbol. Some restyling of text.
  • Recategorized DART service as regular service.
  • Fixed line transitions between map and inset areas.
  • Revised several neighborhood labels.
  • Made C Line continuous between viaduct and 3rd Ave to reinforce new SLU connection.
  • Revised depiction of freeway service to show actual service by line type.
  • Standardized freeway route lists to two kinds (surface and bridge).
  • Corrected transit couplet in Georgetown.
  • Corrected Route 38 frequency to 15 minutes.
  • Changed color of flexible pick-up zone to something more distinct.
  • Removed car from ferry icon.
  • Bolded park labels to improve legibility.
  • Numerous minor corrections and additions.

To Do

  • Design new cover art.
  • Ensure sufficient clear space near edge of map for trimming

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This version is only available as a PDF as the service depicted is not yet in effect.

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