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Designed in collaboration with CHK America. They are my employer and the leader in customer information solutions for transit. Tell your city’s transit system to hire CHK if you want a quality transit map (and more!) for your city. With development of this map taking so much of my free time I am not seeking freelance work.

Content support and print distribution by the Transit Riders Union with special thanks to Sam Smith for being a passionate advocate for the map and bringing the map to print.

Friends who gave me valuable feedback via Facebook, Twitter, and offline in the private beta.

Free copies of the March 2016 map are sponsored by the Seattle Department of Transportation and by Sound Transit.


This map is not an official product of any Seattle transit operator. Information presented is current at time of publishing and is subject to change. For the most current transit information and customer service, please visit King County Metro’s or Sound Transit’s official websites.

This map is a labor-of-love, done in the author’s free time without compensation. While it is the author’s goal to keep the map current and accurate, regular updates and corrections cannot be guaranteed. Therefore the map comes with no warranties, expressed or implied.


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